All applicants  for the  Masteral and Doctoral Programs are required to  take  and the  pass the Institute’s Doctoral  Admission  Test  ( DWIMS – DAT)  before they are  provisionally  admitted for one semester, after  which  credits  for  all  courses  taken  are  evaluated.

Students must  come in person to fill up  the Application  for Graduate  Studies  form  and meet/ submit  the following  requirements:


  •  Baccalaureate  in Theology ( SThB) degree  for those  applying  for Licentiate  degree in Missiology
  •  Bachelor of Arts  (AB) degree  in Religious Studies  or any  four—year course  for those  applying in Master of Arts in Missiology
  •  Masters Degree in Theology  or Master’s Degree  in Religious  Studies  or Master’s Degree in any field, provided  they  satisfy the  prerequisites;  otherwise, they have to  enroll   the required  prerequisites  in the masteral  level.
  •  Master of Arts ( MA)  degree for those  applying for PhD  in Missiology.
  •  Transcript of Records  (with  Special Order for  Filipino  applicants)
  •  General Weighted  Average of 2.0 or B or 85 or better
  •  General Weighted  Average  of  1.75 or B+  or  87 or better ( for those taking Doctoral Programs)
  •  Written Permission to  study  from the Superior or  Local Ordinary
  •  Interview
  •  Proficiency in English
  •  Two copies of  2x2 ID photos


Additional  requirements for  Foreign Students


  •  Passport ( photocopy  pages where name, photo, birth date, birthplace and valid  visa appear)
  •  Immigration Card ( photocopy only)
  •  Study Permit
  •  Original Transcript of Records  and its  English Translation, bearing the  original  signature of the Registrar  and school  seal  and authenticated  by the Philippine Embassy  in the country of  origin.