DWIMS offers the following Programs:

Ecclesiastical Courses in Theology with concentration in Missiology:
(incorporated with the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas)
Doctorate in Sacred Theology (SThD)
Licentiate in Sacred Theology (SThL)


Non-Academic Missiology course
Certificate in Mission Studies (CMS)


  • Certificate  in Mission  Studies


              The Certificate  in Mission  Studies (CMS) is an introductory course in Missiology. It aims at  creating  among its participants  awareness and love for the mission in  the light of the  New  Evangelization. It equips the main participants the  basic knowledge  and skills necessary to cross the new frontiers of  mission.


              It is a  program  offered on Saturdays at the  Divine Word Institute of Mission  Studies. It is open to priests, religious  men and women and the lay faithful. It lasts  four  semesters or two years.  After  completing the requirements, the participants  will be  awarded  with a  Certificate in Mission Studies by DWIMS, which is incorporated to the University of Santo  Tomas in Manila.



    Year 1 - 1st Semester

    Introduction to Missiology

    Interreligious Dialogue


    Year 1 - 2nd Semester
    Development & History of Mission

    Biblical Foundations of Mission

    Year 2 - 1st Semester
    Mission Spirituality

    Contemporary Mission Situations


    Year 2 - 2nd Semester
    New Evangelization
    Phenomenology of Mission